Hosting a Virtual Screening

Why Host A Virtual Screening

If you're passionate about a cause, and want to create a virtual event that engages with your community, we can help! Film can be a powerful tool for shaping how we see the world and as a host, you'd be in the drivers seat for how this can be used to affect real change. 

By hosting an At-Home Virtual Screening you can interact with your audiences on a more personal level. You will have the option to add a pre-recorded introduction to your screening, host your own Q&A sessions and invite specific guest speakers, and add your own additional resources. We will be adding fundraising aspects to the platform shortly, so you can collaborate with your favourite charities and organisations for this event. 

You will also receive support from us with social media marketing and promotional material. We will work with you throughout your screening process so that it is tailored to your preferences and we're here for advice every step of the way! 

To get started, simply head over to the Host a Virtual Screening tab of our website, fill in the form, and we'll be in touch soon.

How It Works

Simply send us a request to let us know which film you'd like to screen and when, and we'll get your Virtual Screening Event up on our website. Your event is entirely customizable, so you can choose to add on a Q&A (Live Streamed or Pre-Recorded), and the date and time you'd like to screen the film. Once your event details are confirmed, it's time for you to promote your event to your community! People simply need to register for your event, then tune back in at the event start time to watch the film together. We even have a new Live Chat feature so viewers can chat with you and other audience members throughout the event.


Post-screening Q&As are a great opportunity to interact with your audience members and invite an open discussion after the film. Simply let us know in your request form if you would like to include a Q&A in your Virtual Screening event. 

Live Q&As

If you would like to host a live-streamed Q&A, you will need to have at least 40 people registered to your Virtual Screening 5 days prior to the event date to qualify for a live Q&A. Once your event has reached 40 registrations, we'll set you up with your live Q&A details so you're ready to be live-streamed to your audience once the film ends! 

Recorded Q&As

If you would like to host a Q&A but aren't comfortable going Live in front of a camera, you can screen a pre-recorded Q&A! There's no minimum registration requirement, we just ask that you send us your Q&A recording 7 days prior to your event date for testing and scheduling. Filmmaker Q&As are available for select films. Please email our team to inquire if a filmmaker Q&A is available for your chosen film.