What is Rise Film Festival 2020?

RISE [Racial Injustice. Social Equality]

We’re excited to premiere 6 films that highlight the experiences of People of Colour and address the racial inequalities experienced by so many around the world. Join us for RISE Film Festival to support storytellers and artists and participate in post-screening Q&A discussions with your community. 

When is RISE Film Festival?

Rise Film Festival 2020 will run from the 20th of August till 27th of August.

Rise Film Festival Encore will run from 27th of August till the 1st of September.

Purchase an All Access Pass to get access to all Screenings and Encores.


How can I watch?

Register for any Virtual Screening Event or grab an All Access Pass, then tune back in at the event start time to watch the film and live Q&A. Simply visit the event link and login to your FanForce TV account to get access to the film and Q&A stream.


When can I watch the films?

Each film and post screening discussion will be live-streamed at the given date and time listed on the virtual events page. As these events are live, you will not be able to rewind. 

Rise Film Festival Encore

All film screenings and Q&As will be replayed as an encore from the 27th of August till the 31st of August. If you're unable to attend Rise Film Festival 2020 make sure you purchase an ALL ACCESS PASS to get access to all encore screenings. The Encore screenings will be live-streamed at the given times. 

How much does it cost?

Individual Virtual Screenings (Early Bird) : $10 USD 

Festival All Access Pass (Early Bird) : $40 USD

All Access Passes can be purchased at the check out page of any of the virtual events listed under Rise Film Festival. A portion of all ticket sales will be donated to United Nation's Fight Racism Global Campaign.  

What films are being shown?

We are showcasing 6 extraordinary films. The films are Crime + Punishment, Show Me Democracy, Family Portrait in Black and White, Quest, Bronx Gothic and Are You Racist?

Each film showcases various aspects of today's racial landscape including policing, protest, growing up as a Person of Colour and the psychology behind racism. 

Who are the post screening guest speakers?

We will be joined by an array of guest speakers from within the racial equality movement including filmmakers, journalists, professors and activists. Guests will be announced over the next few weeks in the lead up to the festival. Please check the individual film event pages for more information.

Friends of FanForce TV - Affiliates Program

Share the RISE Film Festival 2020 with your friends, family and wider network and earn a cut for each ticket sale. 

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Festival Partners

United Nations - Fight Racism Global Campaign  : #FightRacism aims to foster a global culture of tolerance, equality and anti-discrimination. Every day, each and every one of us can stand up against racial prejudice and intolerant attitudes. In December 2019, the UN Human Rights Office extended the campaign to run on a year-long basis, as part of its commitment to end intolerance, xenophobia & discrimination of every kind.

A portion of each ticket sold will be donated to the global #FightRacism campaign.

Black Table Arts : Black Table Arts gives access to quality, art based programs that center education, social justice and artistic development to uplift black lives. Their mission is to raise volume in black life through the arts and organize toward liveable futures. Their work is sci-fi social work and believe that if we can gather, study and love we might discover a blueprint for another world

Continuity : Continuity is a non-profit, dedicated to expanding diversity in media production through skills-based training, mentoring and opportunities for untapped talent. Continuity envisions a future where our media, film, and broadcasting industries reflect the diversity of the neighbourhoods they document, starting first in St. Louis.

Embrace RaceEmbraceRace is a national community of parents, teachers, and caregivers of all colors. Through EmbraceRace we identify, organize, and create the resources, discussion spaces, and networks caregivers need to 
nurture resilient children of color,  raise inclusive children of all stripes,  nurture children who bring a critical eye to the racial patterns they see; and support children and adults who can advocate effectively for all children.